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Although the calcium test was not one of the more affected methods as reported by the studies of Glick et al. (which reported percentage of interference), the results of traditional calcium methods are often completely invalidated because of interference due to hemolysis or turbidity. Even a small (in terms of the Glick et al. rankings) error can change results from abnormally low to abnormally high due to the narrow normal range of the chemistry and the small percentage which the normal range represents relative to the mean of normal.

The Synermed® IR240 method is optimized for both ‘on board’ calibration stability and performance at 600 nm as well as 660 nm.

Magnesium shows no interference in serum, in contrast to most currently used methods.


          • Multi-Day Calibration Stability
          • Single Liquid Reagent
          • Optimal Performance with Lipemic Samples
          • No Interference from Magnesium


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